Mediscare: Coming Soon To A TV Set Near You

The state of Florida is one of the last places where President Obama’s re-election campaign has a chance to pick off a state that traditionally leans Republican (Obama won it in 2008, but the Sunshine State usually ends up narrowly Republican in any election competitive on a national scale). With the vote of the senior citizens being so prevalent in Florida, it’s unsurprising that the campaign... More

Saving Private Ryan: How A One-Time GOP Backbencher Can Rescue The Democratic Crown Jewel

This past week, the U.S. Bishops gathered in Atlanta, with one objective being the drafting of a statement on the state of the economy. As Joan Frawley Desmond of The National Catholic Register reports, one concern several bishops had was that previous statements regarding the budget proposal of House Republicans had been overly partisan and strayed too far from a teaching of general principles an... More



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