The Real Reasons The New Deal Is At Stake

The future of the New Deal—the social insurance state that has Social Security and Medicare as its twin pillars—is at stake in not just this, but coming presidential elections. In that, Mike Konczal and Bryce Covert writing in The Nation, are correct. Where they are wrong is the notion that prescriptions put forth by GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan constitute a clear and present dang... More

Why Medicaid Must Be Run By The States

The selection of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan appears to have energized the Republican ticket politically and, as Mitt Romney had hoped, turned Wisconsin from a lean-Obama state, to a genuine toss-up. Whether the Romney-Ryan ticket retains this momentum and builds on it other states will depend in large part how the GOP handles questions regarding Ryan’s Medicare proposals. Structural change... More

The Tension & Openness Of Catholic Social Doctrine

A pair of excellent articles published over the last two days illustrate the debate among Catholics regarding the social justice vision of presumptive Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Father Robert Barron, writing on RealClearReligion, notes the inherent tension that can seem to exist between solidarity and subsidiarity. And William McGurn in The Wall Street Journal opines that left... More



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