Saving Social Security and Marriage–and the World!

During his State of the Union address, President Obama made the obligatory reference to “equal pay for equal work” as part of a larger public debate which has been going on for some time now. There have been numerous articles in liberal and conservative publications, countless white papers, and an endless parade of political pundits on cable news trying to diagnose the problems of women in the... More

Pelosi’s Medicare Tactics Already Crashed And Burned

On the final Sunday of the election season, the presidential race is up for grabs. The Senate is up for grabs. But one governing body is not up for grabs and that’s the House of Representatives. While it’s possible the Democrats may gain seats, not even their own political spinmeisters are selling the idea that they’ll make up the 25 they’d need to re-take control. According to a report in... More

Not only *can* Catholics vote for Romney, but we *ought* to.

Romney has been endorsed by many pro-life activists and activist organizations. Right off the bat, let it be known that Mitt Romney was my fourth choice among the GOP primary candidates. Check my writing in this space from that time and you’ll see me talking up Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum, with barely a word in support of Romney. Since he won the nomination I’ve written a whole lot ... More

Raging for the Machine, Against Ryan

Rage Against the Machine's corporate headquarters. Members of the “Rage Against the Machine” rock group recently gathered easy press accolades by bashing one of their fans. When Paul Ryan’s appreciation for their music was made public, a member of the group said Ryan is “the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades.” It always strik... More

The Tension & Openness Of Catholic Social Doctrine

A pair of excellent articles published over the last two days illustrate the debate among Catholics regarding the social justice vision of presumptive Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Father Robert Barron, writing on RealClearReligion, notes the inherent tension that can seem to exist between solidarity and subsidiarity. And William McGurn in The Wall Street Journal opines that left... More

Paul Ryan Attacked For Leading Social Security To The 21st Century

Two years ago, Paul Ryan, the presumptive Republican vice-presidential nominee, proposed a plan that would allow workers to divert one-third of their Social Security taxes into private retirement accounts, akin to what they can do with their 401(k) dollars. The Left is prepared to attack him on this, sensing an opportunity to bring back an issue they used with great effect in the 2006 mid-term ele... More

Joe Biden, the Bible, and federal budgets

Ever since Barack Obama won the Democratic presidential nomination back in 2008, there’s been talk of making Hillary Clinton his Vice President. The combination of an African American and a woman on the same ticket would not only confirm that the Democratic Party is the party of progress, it would provide Hillary Clinton a launching pad for the White House in 2016. Now that Democrats have had th... More

Paul Ryan is (still) not an Objectivist

Paul Ryan may have said some flattering things about Ayn Rand, but he's no Objectivist Some of the more well-known criticisms leveled against Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is that his budget unfairly attacks the poor, his ideas promote Social Darwinism, and that he wants to push Grandma off a cliff. Expect Democrats to regurgitate these talking points ad nauseam until Electi... More


Paul Ryan Is A Good VP Choice…But Not The Best

The choice is in—Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his second-in-command as of late last night. Is this the right move? I like Ryan, and certainly don’t think it’s a bad pick, but I wonder if it’s really the best option Romney had at his disposal. Paul Ryan is now the man of the hour on the Republican ticket Ryan has built a nationa... More



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