Catholic Church Persecutes Youth-Attracted Priests

The late Father John Geoghan, murdered in prison after being convicted for loving many youths, now a cause celebre for the adult-youth love movement NOWHERESTOWN CITY—The Catholic Diocese of Nowherestown City has placed three more priests on administrative leave and begun “defrocking” proceedings against them. Two of the priests were discovered in bed with their boy lovers and ... More

Defining away pedophilia would be uncharitable.

A recent conference in Baltimore sponsored by a pedophilia advocacy group called B4U ACT discussed the removal of pedophilia from the American Psychological Association’s official list of mental disorders, known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM. (This is the conference I mentioned before at which a former consultant to a bunch of U.S. bishops delivered a k... More


Wait, What?… A pedophilia *advocate* was a consultant for *whom*? Must. Not. Explode.

The headline, I am not making this up, is: Former consultant to US bishops keynotes conference pushing for acceptance of pedophilia And it only gets worse from there. (Note: I use the term “pedophilia” collectively to include all disorders that causes an adult to sexually desire youth. Or, as the people described below call them, “Minor Attracted Individuals.”) Sometimes a ... More



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