In Arranged Philadelphia Marriage, Archbishop Chaput Woos His New Flock

I had high expectations when I attended Archbishop Charles Chaput’s Installation Mass in Philadelphia last Thursday. I believe him to be the most important intellectual and pastoral voice among American bishops today. So imagine my delight when my high expectations were exceeded! Archbishop Chaput is frequently maligned by liberal Catholics for being too “political.” That was t... More

Why I am happy with +Chaput to Philly: Because this guy is upset.

I was asked by a non-Catholic friend what I thought of the appointment of Archbishop Chaput to Philadelphia. I had begun a post, but really didn’t get far on it. Little did I know that a professor at the Catholic University of Dayton would take of it for me. Sort of… Cardinal Newman Society ran an excerpt of his op-ed on their blog. As I read it, one of “those smiles” crept... More

Free Condoms for 11 year-olds.

I had about three starts-and-stops on writing this post. What can you really say about a city giving away condoms to 11 year-old children? It’s horrid? It’s unimaginably bad law writing? It’s a sign of the utter rot of our culture? See, for a whole lot of us, all of that goes without saying, so why say it? We’ll just look, agape, at the cesspool that produces such policy, a... More


When life is subject to choice, nihilism follows.

[Update: I had to change the title. The previous one didn’t capture the point of the post.] Steph Herold, a “reproductive justice advocate,” wrote a short article in the aftermath of the horrors at Dr. Gosnell’s Philadelphia office. She recounted an episode from years ago when a woman whom she calls “Stella” came to her Pennsylvania office for an abortion after ... More



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