The Heart of the Lie

What is the Obama Administration’s “Free Contraception for All” mandate really about? It’s not, as so many others have ably pointed out, about women’s health. Contraception has long been free (or almost free) for the asking to all comers, and you could fill an insurance adjuster’s logbook for a month dealing with all the other far more essential procedures and drugs for which women are... More

Planned Parenthood as American as apple pie?!

Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor and publisher of “The Nation” declares Planned Parenthood as American as “Apple Pie”: “Planned Parenthood is in women’s lives.  One in 6 women and their daughters have been helped by Planned Parenthood.  It’s like apple pie.” Watching this segment from MSNBC’s The Ed Show, it’s obvious that job #1 for the radical feminist left is reversing what... More

Examining the Abortion/Breast Cancer Link

As the Susan G. Komen Foundation tortuously praises Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, the Gregorian Institute republishes my Crisis magazine article on the abortion/breast cancer link, “When Abortion Kills Twice.” Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, featured in the article, visits Benedictine College this week to speak about the abortion/breast cancer link. ...READ MO... More

Updates: Want to Know What is Happening with Komen vs. Planned Parenthood?

First of all, everyone needs to take a deep breath. About an hour ago my twitter feed exploded with headlines of “KOMEN CAVED!!!”, etc, etc. No, they didn’t. They released a very carefully scripted statement today which echoes what their President Nancy G. Brinker said yesterday on MSNBC. They didn’t cave. They apologized for how their previous statements were misconstrued,... More

Attacks on Susan G. Komen Reveals Planned Parenthood’s Real Face [Updates & Video]

How revealing this fight over Susan G. Komen’s defunding of Planned Parenthood is! Wesley J. Smith asks exactly the right question: “Abortion Matters More Than Fighting Breast Cancer to Liberals?” So it would seem. Various Democrats like Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) are boycotting Susan G. Komen over this decision. Howard Dean is encouraging corporate sponsors to punish Komen. Welco... More

Help Save Lives: Support Susan G. Komen Against Planned Parenthood!

Huge news in the battle to get the truth out about Planned Parenthood. Susan G. Komen, one of the world’s most respected organizations dedicated to fighting cancer, has dropped all ties with Planned Parenthood. In addition to the over hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding Planned Parenthood loses from this move, it’s a huge blow to Planned Parenthood’s credibility. Planned ... More

Terrible irony: St. Joseph & Precious Blood Award Abortion Supporter & Race Baiter

(From Cardinal Newman Society’s Campus Notes blog.) Hopefully this image will, erm, "grace" the award they're giving. It really is sad when any Catholic college or university honors anyone who directly opposes Catholic orthodoxy. But the irony here just makes me shake my head. A college named in honor of the man who protected Mary through her pregnancy and then guarded her virt... More

Reader: Democrats’ Mediscare attack called ‘Lie of the Year,’ Obama thinks he’s 4th best prez ever, GOP pines for Jeb

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. One despicable leftist ad showed a Republican pushing a grandmother off of a cliff. Christmas comes early for Paul Ryan. Politifact calls the claim that “Republicans voted to end Medicare” as the “Lie of the Year 2011.” GOP unhappiness with the field fuels buzz for... More

Where’s the “Parenthood” In Planned Abortions?

I wonder why this does not hang on the wall in every Planned Parenthood waiting room. Simple probability dictates that if an organization offers two different options as solutions for a problem, unless one of the options is tantamount to slicing off one’s nose to remedy an unsightly wart, that the rate at which the options will be selected would be somewhere in the realm of parity. In other ... More

Reader: Democrat joins Ryan on Medicare reform, Newt drops 12 pts in Iowa, A new Doctor of the Church?

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-OR Bipartisan support, finally! Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, teamed up with Oregon Democrat Sen. Ron Wyden on a new plan to reform Medicare. Wyden said it was time for conservatives and progressives to come together and “deal with the costs and demographic challenges.” It won’... More



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