Holy Song for Thanksgiving

Since we are close to Thanksgiving Day, here is a my version of a Holy Song of Thanksgiving. I wrote this little poem today. The title is borrowed from my favorite Beethoven string quartet in A minor, No. 15. (The third movement to be precise called Heiliger Dankgesang or as known in English Holy Song of Thanksgiving by a Convalescent to the Divinity). Beethoven composed this piece after recove... More

Praise the Mutilated World, For Which God Died.

Sometimes a poem comes along that sticks in your head and you find yourself occasionally recalling, if not its exact words, at least the effect it had on you. Adam Zagajewski’s “Try to Praise the Mutilated World” is like that for me, and Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion is why. The poem: Try to praise the mutilated world. Remember June’s long days, and wild strawberr... More

Pressing On

Im weak and lonely just don’t know what to doEverything feels so dead and dry yet I still can only think of youI miss it all and how it used to beJust wish I knew how to make you believeIt’s so hard to do anything without having you on my mindAll I really do is just keep watch of the timeWaiting for when you get home from workHoping to hear from you without me being a jerkCause you are... More


A Prayer To You Lord

“As I sit here and think of youI plant my hands together and prayDear Lord Ol mighty LordTake this time to hear what I wish to sayI need your touch to bring the strengthYour soul to come and cure the painThe words you speak to bring the cheerJust a sign to know that you are here.There is a girl who is in need of youLooking for hope and for things to be betterBut you are needed to do all tha... More




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