The political left uses bully tactics. Ben Shapiro helps understand how to deal with them.

Ben Shapiro, best known in recent months for his dismantling of British blowhard Piers Morgan on national* TV, spoke at Heritage Foundation on how to deal with the bullies of the American political left. His most recent book is Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America, which I have not yet read, but if the talk at Heritage is any indication it should be manda... More


Isn’t It Time We Asked: What Kind Of Government Do Catholics Want?

I think it’s fair to say that everyone is tired of election politics. The political process in America ensures this. For many months before the election, we are inundated with advertisements, we suffer through debates, we watch endless coverage of campaign stops and stump speeches, and with the addition of social media, we see endless posts and discussions about the election from family, fr... More

Politics: the Substance of the Secular, not the Sacred.

Barack Obama has won reelection. It is what it is. I’ll leave speculation about what it means for now, but in this moment I’ll just share a thought that might help some of you in some way, hopefully. I worked in politics and political activism in DC for a number of years before going to seminary. When I was accepted to seminary I would joke with people that I was “leaving politic... More


The Problem With Abortion Politics

Since January 22nd, 1973, U.S. conservatives have had their political autonomy held hostage by a single court decision. Roe v. Wade, by the very gravity of the issue it decided, forever changed the American political landscape, forcing conscientious pro-life voters to focus on this issue to the virtual exclusion of all others and constraining the field of candidates they are willing to vote for to... More


Obama & the Catholics

He’s taking a hit. According to the latest Pew poll, the president is down eight percentage points with Catholics. As he should be. Among other things, the HHS Mandate affects the Catholic business owner, as much as a cardinal with charge of a chancery building or a religious sister working at a Catholic school. (A point the bishops have been clarifying in point out.) According to the poll, Mi... More

For Cupid, Church Trumps Politics

An April article in the Journal of Politics got a lot of attention in May. In a massive survey of 5,000 married couples, researchers (from Rice University, the University of Iowa, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Virginia Commonwealth University) tried to find the key to compatibility. Headlines summed up what they think they found: “People Marry for Politics, not looks,” says one. “... More

Liberal Lawyers Throw Out Ballots of Cloistered Nuns in Hotly-Contested WI Judge Recount

[NB: I intend to write more about my experiences last weekend in Rome during the Beatification of John Paul II and my involvement in the Vatican Bloggers meeting, but in the meantime I wanted to share this story.] The Wisconsin Judge race between Joanne Kloppenburg and David Prosser has been ground zero for contentious American politics over the last couple months, especially after Democrats made ... More


Must-Read +Chaput: On the Devil and Politics, and on Bishops and Communion

I will never tire of saying this: read everything Archbishop Chaput writes. The Public Discourse has published an essay adapted from a recent keynote address he gave at the University of Notre Dame’s student-organized pro-life lecture series: A healthy democracy depends on people of conviction working hard to advance their ideas in the public square—respectfully and peacefully, but vigorou... More



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