New Gallup Poll Shows Planned Parenthood More Extreme than Most Pro-Abortion Americans

Gallup’s latest poll on Americans’ views about abortion is fascinating for at least one reason: it demonstrates how Planned Parenthood is actually more extreme on abortion than even people who identify themselves as “pro-choice” For instance, the poll found that 79% of people who say they are pro-choice want to make abortion illegal in the third trimester, a majority (52%) ... More

For Cupid, Church Trumps Politics

An April article in the Journal of Politics got a lot of attention in May. In a massive survey of 5,000 married couples, researchers (from Rice University, the University of Iowa, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Virginia Commonwealth University) tried to find the key to compatibility. Headlines summed up what they think they found: “People Marry for Politics, not looks,” says one. “... More



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