Colbert, O’Brien, Kimmel, Fallon, Daly, Gutfeld, Wilmore — Catholics Rule the Night

Catholic Stephen Colbert tapped to replace David Letterman on CBS ‘Late Show’ Catholics who think their values are underrepresented in the media are probably right, but that’s not for a lack of baptized Catholics in front of the cameras — at least in latenight TV. Recently, Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert was named as host of CBS’ “Late Show,” replacing David Lett... More

Conspiracy theories, pop culture and Matthew 7:16

Beyonce If you watched Beyonce’s raunchy, half-naked performance at the Super Bowl, chances are you saw her hold up her hands in the shape of a diamond. Though seemingly harmless, Beyonce’s hand gesture set off a tidal wave of commentary, primarily from conspiracy theorists, who think it was a covert way of showing her allegiance to the Illuminati, a secret society that – in associa... More

Is pop culture to blame for the Newtown massacre?

One topic inexorably brought up during times like this is the influence of video games on young adults. But why? Video games are but one of many ways human beings entertain themselves. There’s an entire media complex filled with television shows, movies and music that, more than we realize, influence our actions. So why are so many commentators blaming video games for what happened in Newtown, ... More

No Ragu or Skittles for me — Two horrendous new commercials

No, I’m not talking about combining pieces of candy with spaghetti sauce. Both Skittles and Ragu have recently unleashed commercials that are downright disgusting. Noel Shepperd of NewsBusters notes that a Ragu commercial features a young boy’s terrified face as he sees his parents having sex. And this commercial didn’t air on Comedy Central during the Jon Stewart’s show. I... More


Grammys confirm that anti-Catholicism is still in vogue

Two words came to my mind after watching Nicki Minaj’s bizarre exorcism hip-hop performance (click at your own risk) on last night’s Grammy Awards: talentless and coward. From a mock confession, to the use of our sacred music (O Come Let us Adore Him), to an altar boy knelt in prayer between the legs of a half-dressed dancer, the Grammy’s confirmed America’s last acceptable prejudice. Wh... More


Henry Waxman’s “Operation Snookie”

Last year whistleblower Lila Rose, made national headlines when she went undercover, posing as a teen sex worker seeking abortion services at Planned Parenthoods across the country. The incriminating videos caught Planned Parenthood employees breaking state mandatory reporting laws for minors and advising a male pimp on how to evade the law when bringing in his underage foreign sex workers for “... More


Parents need to say no to Tattoo Barbie

In an attempt to boost sales and draw attention to the aging Barbie brand, Mattel hired an Italian designer to “update” Barbie for their collector’s line. The end result? A chic pink bob and a sexy, Paris Hilton inspired wardrobe complete with leopard leggings, silver platforms, small dog, and large tattoos. Needless to say, some moms are upset – especially about the tattoos.  In Mattel... More


Reader: Country star joins group founded by Terri Schiavo’s family, Ridge backs Huntsman, Reagan for Senate?

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Kudos to country music star (and recent Catholic convert) Collin Raye, who agreed to be the new spokesman of the Life and Hope Network, founded by the family of Terri Schiavo. “What the Life and Hope network does is provide an already pretty impressive network list of attorneys and doctors that are avai... More

Defending Kurt Cobain’s Sadness

EDITOR’S NOTE: We hope you enjoy this guest article from Santiago Ramos. Responding to my recent article, “In Defense of Kurt Cobain’s Sadness,” Tom Hoopes argues that I am wrong to resist any easy explanation of what made Kurt sad. Instead, he writes: I don’t want to commit the cardinal sin of Catholic commentary and decide right away that “of course Kurt Cobain was unhappy. He ha... More


Kenneth Cole’s Ridiculous Pro-Choice Campaign Compares Abortion to Shopping

I don’t mind designer clothes, but Kenneth Cole’s campaign comparing the “right” of women to chose to have an abortion with the “right” of women to choose which handbag they buy is just ridiculous. More than ridiculous – it’s morally unseriousness. Even the video that accompanies the Kenneth Cole image featured in this post shows a woman anguishing o... More



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