UglyWatch: Chapel at Fazenda Esperanca (to be visited by Pope Benedict?)

It’s a Space Church/fortress of solitude on the inside: (I hope they close-off the bottoms to keep critters out. Also, It was thoughtful of them to add a chimney at the top for when Pope Benedict uses all that incense.) I can’t decide if the outside is more “tepee-redux” or “the emporer’s shuttle has landed”: … and please, Please, PLEASE tell me the... More

Pope Benedict in Brazil: One Week Away

Updates: Sunday: Benedict preparing to visit the “continent of hope” Media characterization of Benedict’s visit to Brazil predicted Original post: In one week’s time (from May 9th-14th) Pope Benedict will visit the most populous Catholic nation on earth: Brazil. It will be his most distant Apostolic journey by far, as is very evident from this map of the countries he has... More

Upcoming Papal Trips (add your tips/links!)

Last year I put together a static page which attempted to pull together all the news and rumors regarding Pope Benedict’s upcoming travel plans. Wikipedia has a page on this topic but it is rarely updated and contains few references. Anyway, I’m going to start recompiling a list of my own, and you’re invited to add information in the comment box below. This post will change as in... More

CONFIRMED: Pope Benedict to visit United Nations

The Australian papers had it first by my count: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Pope Benedict XVI has accepted his invitation to visit UN headquarters “at a mutually convenient time”. Mr Ban said today he had extended the invitation to the pope during his recent visit to Rome. “I’m very much happy that he accepted my invitation to visit the United Nations,” said... More

Photos: Pope in Pavia!

Greeting students at the University of Pavia. Meeting a professor at the Univesity of Pavia. San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro basilica, before the remains of St. Augustine. Cute Pope. His speech at the University of Pavia. (Curt Jester has a hilarious caption for this photo here.) Pope Benedict praying before the remains of St. Augustine. [photos: Photo/Antonio Calanni] ...READ MORE... More

The Pope is Busy in Pavia This Weekend

Pope Benedict is in Pavia, northwestern Italy (south of Milan) this weekend, visiting the relics of St. Augustine and doing several other things. Sadly, I haven’t found too much coverage of the trip around St. Blogs. So, let’s fill-in the gap! CWNews has a short summary of his trip. Here’s what he’s doing today: On Sunday morning, April 22, the Holy Father will visit a medi... More

Excerpts from the Pope's speeches in Pavia

Some highlights that I’ve taken from the texts made available by the Papa Ratzinger Forum. “From the remarks given by the Holy Father to the people of Vigevano, particularly the youth and the sick, from the balcony of the Bishop’s Palace shortly after his arrival this afternoon”: … I am happy to be among you and I thank you for your heartwarming and festive welcome.... More

Pope Benedict officially invited to New York and UN

CWNews puts it briefly: Pope Benedict XVI met on April 18 with Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the UN, who invited him to visit the New York headquarters of the international body. In a brief statement about the Wednesday-evening meeting, the Vatican said that the 20-minute conversation had focused on cooperation between the Church and the UN. The Vatican statement acknowledged the UN offi... More



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