Will the FIFA Showdown Be a Papal Throwdown?

Courtesy of the very funny folks at CatholicMemes.com. Who saw this coming? The papal craziness hits a new high on Sunday, July 13 — OMIGOSH, it’s 7/13, and Pope Francis was elected on 3/13/13, and my mind is blown — when Argentina goes up against Germany in the finals of the FIFA World Cup of Soccer/Football, in Rio de Janeiro, host city for Francis’ triumphal “Pope... More

Thompson: “Fears for the health of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI”

Damien Thompson at the Telegraph is reporting that concerns have emerged for Pope Emeritus Benedict’s apparently rapidly fading health. Thompson writes: I think all of us were distressed by the fragility of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI when we saw him greet his successor, Pope Francis. The footage was almost too painful to watch. Now, according to the excellent Fr Ray Blake, a Spanish newspap... More


Thank You Pope Benedict for the Extraordinary Form Mass

The wild and mysterious ways of God cause a lifetime of wonder. Had you told me ten years ago that I would be serving a Tridentine Mass on the campus of Franciscan University of Steubenville the day before the Pope who “reopened” the Missal of 1962 stepped down from the papacy, I would have given you a very strange look indeed. First for suggesting that I, a life-long traditionalist, w... More

Place your bets

Who will be the next pope is anyone’s guess. There are, however, a handful of names that keep coming up in conversation. Here’s Fr. Barron on the Today Show speaking with Matt Lauer about possible successors to Pope Benedict: Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy While it may be fun to pontificate about who the favorite is at this point in time, as Fr. Ro... More

Thoughts on Franciscan University reactions to Pope Benedict’s resignation.

As I’ve mentioned in this space a number of times, I work at Franciscan University of Steubenville, a hub of Catholic intellectual life and spiritual renewal for so many worldwide. So the reactions to this morning’s announcement have been many and interesting. Starting with the humorous and moving quickly to the serious. In case you hadn’t heard, and purely for context, we announ... More

The Church? She will go on. Let us do so as well.

Pope Benedict is resigning. Not the end of the world, nor the end of the Church. If you find yourself saddened by this news remember: the Church is the bride of Jesus Christ, not the product of human enterprise. The Pope is Christ’s vicar, not successor. The pope is a caretaker and steward, not lord. Continue to love the Church and not any one man. Trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit̵... More

“All I want for Christmas is a family.”

The Telegraph, a UK news publication, reports that the top ten things that children put on their Christmas lists, included siblings and a dad. The number one gift children requested was a baby brother or sister. But it’s their number ten request that speaks volumes: a dad. In my book, that’s something that a child shouldn’t have to put on a Christmas list. That should be a given... More


Habemus Twitteram! Welcome, @Pontifex!

Pope Benedict XVI has not been quite as prolific a traveler as Blessed John Paul II was, but he has surpassed his larger-than-life predecessor in one regard. In one short message he communicated personally with more than a million people around the globe. Well, as personal as a tweet to more than a million people can be. Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank yo... More


Hm. The pope and the ITC must read American Catholic blogs…

…because no sooner had a bunch of us taken the National Catholyc* Reporter to task for their ridiculous editorial in support of Womyn priests* and Mr. Roy Bourgeouis, but the pope, while addressing the International Theoligical Commission said the following: Today, however, it is particularly important to clarify the criteria used to distinguish the authentic sensus fidelium from its counter... More

The limits of interfaith dialogue

For the past several months I’ve had the distinct pleasure of witnessing a close friend rediscover the beauty of the Catholic Church. At one time he described himself as a mix between an agnostic and an atheist, so his reversion to the Church in December of 2011 is nothing less than a miracle. We’ve had many conversations over those six months but the topic we’ve grappled with the most in re... More



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