[Updated:] Big News! Pope Benedict Announces 2012 Will Be The “Year of Faith”

Big news from over the weekend! Here is the text of the announcement (more to come): “It’s precisely to give new impetus to the mission of the whole Church to lead men out of the desert in which they often find themselves, to the place of life, of friendship with Christ, who gives us life in abundance. I would like to announce in this Eucharistic celebration I have decided to convene a &#... More

Papal Resignation? After example of JPII? Hard to imagine.

The Italians love their sensationalism. Especially in journalism, where what is reported may or may not have a basis in anything beyond the journalist’s imagination. I mean, come now: reality is something to be shaped through innuendo and suggestion rather than observed and recounted dispassionately, no? Isn’t that the modus operandi of “unnamed sources,” and “insider... More

Spiritually Flattening, Irritatingly Ambivalent, and Drool-inducing

I’m pretty sure that if the music that Pope Benedict was subjected to in Germany were a moral agent, Christ would spew it from his mouth at the last judgment. (This is the opening of the Berlin Papal Mass from Rocco Palmo on Vimeo.) Seriously. At least most of the bad music we’ve had in the past 40 years had a definite direction, took a stand (if heretical), was offensively committed ... More

Pope to Youth in Spain: Your Faith in Christ is Stronger than the Storm of Modernity

This column of mine appeared today on Headline Bistro, where the full article is available: What was Pope Benedict’s message to young people in Spain this month? Of the approximately fifteen thousand words he delivered, these unscripted ones are perhaps my favorite: “We have lived together an adventure. Strengthened by Christ, you have resisted the rain.” The pontiff spoke these words after ... More

At World Youth Day, Cardinal Varela Greets the Benedict XVI Generation

As you probably know, World Youth Day is taking place now in Madrid, Spain. Cardinal Rouco Varela greeted the young pilgrims by acknowledging that many of them would more aptly be described as the Benedict XVI generation than the John Paul II generation: “You are the Benedict XVI generation, which is not the same as John Paul II generation” Cardinal Rouco Varela said. Quoting from the Po... More

German Website Offers “Rate-A-Priest” (and “Rate-A-Pope”)

The Catholic Church in Germany has been through a lot recently. A new website attempts to capitalize on the turmoil: You can rate your restaurant meal, your make-up, your teacher online and now in Germany your priest. Hirtenbarometer or the “shepherds’ barometer” is the first online platform where priests can be rated for their performance at church services, on projects for yo... More

An American Pope In Our Lifetime?

Will we see in our lifetime an American prelate chosen for pope? And if so, who might it be? Michael Potemra picks up on the speculation of vatican expert (and editor of Inside the Vatican magazine) Dr. Robert Moynihan: Father “Jeremiah” spoke to me about a particular situation in the United States, and its relation to the future of the universal Church. “Europe is in crisis, demogr... More

The Video You’ve Been Waiting For: Pope Benedict Tweets From His iPad!

Did you ever think you’d see this? Today the Vatican published www.News.Va. To celebrate, Pope Benedict sent out his first tweet (which, as you can see, I happily re-tweeted): Even more of a treat – this unedited video (via Rome Reports) of Pope Benedict sitting down to view the new Vatican news portal on an iPad: What a cool pope. ...READ MORE... More

[Updated w/ Video] In Croatia, Pope Benedict Fights For Marriage, Condemns Cohabitation

During Pope Benedict’s visit to Croatia last weekend, he reserved the end of his homily at Sunday Mass to proclaim the urgent truth that Catholics are called to form loving families. I consider this required reading: By the grace of God, many Christian families today are acquiring an ever deeper awareness of their missionary vocation, and are devoting themselves seriously to bearing witness ... More

Good Morning. Rome Is On the Line. It’s for You. Beato Calls!

This morning in Rome, during the Divine Mercy/John Paul II beatification Mass, Pope Benedict XVI said: What the newly-elected Pope asked of everyone, he was himself the first to do: society, culture, political and economic systems he opened up to Christ, turning back with the strength of a titan – a strength which came to him from God – a tide which appeared irreversible. By his witness of fa... More



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