Place your bets

Who will be the next pope is anyone’s guess. There are, however, a handful of names that keep coming up in conversation. Here’s Fr. Barron on the Today Show speaking with Matt Lauer about possible successors to Pope Benedict: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy While it may be fun to pontificate about who the favorite is at this point in time, as Fr. Ro... More

Want a Truly Catholic Vote? Bring Back the Altar Rails!

Allow me to digress from explicitly political commentary for a moment and speak about something more deeply Catholic, and how the two intertwine. I’ve been attending the Traditional Latin Mass (a.k.a. “the Extraordinary Form”) for most of the last decade. I’ve written about this elsewhere, and won’t clog up this space with my reasons. (That’s what Google is for... More

“Judas…Would Have Left if He Were Honest”

As Catholics, we’re called to a love of souls. We support our brothers and sisters in faith through prayer and fellowship, and every one of us has a vocation to evangelize, to whatever degree we are able. We are meant to bring the light of Christ into the darkness of the world. There’s a flip side to this equation, however. When I was a younger man, I did missionary work. I’d go... More


Parsing the Pope’s condom quotes

Much digital ink has been spilled about what the pope was supposed to have said to Peter Seewald in the upcoming book Light of the World concerning condom use by prostitutes or certain other non-specific individuals. I wrote about it before, Thomas Peters wrote about it here and here, a good treatment was offered by Dr. Janet Smith and another by Jimmy Akin. But no one really focused exclusively ... More

AP at odds with reality over condoms.

Sometimes a facepalm is the best first reaction. They must get a kick out of their power. Bertolt Brecht once said, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” News reporting is clearly an artform for some. The writers and editors at AP took fifteen minutes, max, to find some quotes that at least obliquely fit into their story, then they throw in some... More




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