The One Last Hope to Save the Culture

I think we have, in our hands, an achievable way of changing America in a way that will seem as sudden and earth-shaking as the 1960s civil rights revolution or the 1989 anti-Communist revolution. But first I think it’s important to give some context. What needs to be saved about the American culture in the first place? The family. A nation is only as strong as its foundation, and for a society,... More

Joe Biden wants to stop the coarsening of society. Great. But how?

During a talk to the United States Conference of Mayors today that centered on President Obama’s gun control efforts Joe Biden said, We’ll not be able to stop every act of senseless gun violence or any other kind of violence, we know that in the future. … I think we can begin again, not because of guns alone, but I think we can begin an endeavor that stops the coarsening of Ame... More

Reader: IL dioceses drop suit and end foster care, Catholics must fight porn, Obama has turned his back on Catholics

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Another triumph for the aggressive secularist state: Catholic dioceses in IL drop lawsuit, will no longer provide foster care. Catholics have a duty to fight against pornography and its devastating spiritual and societal consequences, says family activist Patrick Trueman. More

Reader: WSJ bemoans drop in consumer debt, Vile sex-ed planned in NYC, Jindal reelected, Santorum slams the pill

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Since the financial crisis, millions of families have stopped using credit cards, have accelerated mortgage payments and have delayed purchased until they have the cash. Total household debt has dropped by $1.1 trillion or 8.6% since mid-2008. To this glorious news, leave it to the Wall Street Journal to wa... More

Thoughts On A Scandal

Over the past few weeks, as I’ve been listening to all the coverage of Congressman Weiner’s transgressions, I’ve realized that we’re at a crossroads. Aside from lying about what he did, Weiner did nothing illegal. (I’m not even sure that lying about what he did was illegal.) Weiner was engaged in behavior that [hundreds of] thousands of people, men and women, particip... More

Pornography: We’re In the Denial Stage

A new website fights pornography with science, not morality. Just yesterday, I finished and sent off a pamphlet on pornography use that I hope you will someday soon be able to find in the back of a parish near you. It reuses information I gathered for Our Sunday Visitor and for my Christianity in Mass Media class at Benedictine College, but I also did new research for it. In the process I found a ... More


Victory for families: Sears removes pornographic DVDs from their website

I noticed that soon after I ran my blog entry on Sears selling pornographic movies, they were no longer found on But I wanted to wait for confirmation that the retailer would no longer sell these smut videos. I just notice that Sears sent an email to the American Family Association confirming that they have pulled the videos and won’t sell them anymore: “We sincerely apologi... More


Sears threatens its family-friendly image (and other news updates)

I’ve found lots of news items that might be of interest, but not enough time to blog on each topic. Consider it a lunch-time update. (If you like it, let me know and I’ll continue doing this.) The American Family Association discovered that retailer Sears is actually selling pornographic movies from their website. How distasteful and regrettable. Unless they reverse their decision, my... More


Overdue: Marriott hotels to take pornography off the menu

This is long overdue, for several reasons I will explain: Marriott International, one of the nation’s leading hotel groups, tells Hotel Check-In that it’s pulling access to adult movies from the new hotel rooms it will be opening the next several years. … Marriott’s decision also comes after years of discussing whether the availability of adult entertainment in guest roo... More




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