Photos: Pope Lights World’s Largest Christmas “Tree”, Shares His Three Christmas Wishes

Last week Pope Benedict, from his papal apartment at the Vatican, used an iPad to remotely “light” the largest Christmas tree in the world. The electric “tree” is located on the hillside of the Italian town of Gubbio: He also shared his three Christmas wishes: “Before lighting the tree”, he said, “I would like to express three wishes. This Christmas tree... More

Download free app and pray a novena to Blessed John Paul II

Happy Feast Day of Blessed John Paul! In honor of his feast day, Little i Apps is offering FOR FREE their John Paul eVotion App today. You can download the app for your Android and your iPhone. Why don’t you download the app and join us in a novena to Blessed John Paul for our families, for our Church, and for our country? The app even has a daily reminder to pray the novena. (If you donR... More

Photos of Martyrdom: Anti-Catholic Protestors Taunt Pilgrims in Madrid

I debated about whether to post these photos but I decided to for an important reason: to ask for prayers and to encourage us to support and appreciate the courage of Catholic pilgrims in Madrid who have had to face, at times, vicious anti-Catholic harassment. The photos tell the story (via Reuters FaithWorld): Protestors light the WYD banner on fire directly in front of praying pilgrims Two men s... More

Photos/Video of Springfield Tornado Damage to Catholic Institutions & Lives

Obviously a tornado effects everyone in the area it touches, but AmP reader Joe is asking for prayers from the Catholic community for the damage Catholic institutions in Springfield, MA sustained in yesterday’s tornado outbreak – and of course, the people. Here’s raw video of the tornado forming over the Connecticut river and passing a television station: Here’s what AmP r... More


Tragic: Pregnant women given powerful abortion drug by mistake

This … is heartbreaking: Please join me in praying for the safety of the young woman and her child. I can’t help but note that the only element that makes this scenario a tragedy, as opposed to a routine abortifacient procedure, is that this young woman wanted her child. In both the case of this young woman and the case of a young woman who does not want to keep her child … the ... More

Egypt burning

Egypt is witnessing an unparalleled uprising now. I am watching live video of the night time riots, which are happening in violation of a presidential curfew. Apparently the army has been called in so things are escalating rapidly. We can know that human beings are being hurt and killed in the chaos. I found this source which provides a succinct explanation of what is going on: What’s happenin... More


One week after attack, Catholic Iraqis return to mourn

We must never forget our Catholic brothers and sisters who are under attack in Iraq. To get to Mass at Our Lady of Salvation Church on Sunday, worshipers had to pass through a blockade of police trucks, past armed sentries on the rooftop, and through a security checkpoint where they were frisked for weapons and explosives. Some came in mourning black, many in tears, most in a spirit of quiet ... More

Prayers for the victims at Virginia Tech

Update, 12:30am – CNS reports on the Catholic response to the tragedy. To get an idea about how close this event is to many St. Blog’s members, Amy Welborn’s own son graduated from VT, and currently works on campus. Thanks be to God he is safe. So many others this night, however, are not, and we should continue praying for them, as well as their friends and family.Sacred Heart of... More



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