In New York, an Extraordinary Showing of Mercy for ex-abortionist Nathanson

Yesterday Josh informed our CatholicVote community of Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s death. I was told over the weekend he was on his death bed, but I had to look Dr. Nathanson up on Google to find out who he was. That’s an example of the generational gap in the pro-life movement: my father met him once 30 years ago. I had to look him up online. Dr. Nathanson admits to performing 75,000 ab... More

The Pope’s Prayer For Feb: Family

Forthwith: Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for February is: “That all may respect the family and recognise it for its unmatched contribution to the advancement of society”. His mission intention is: “That Christian communities may witness to the presence of Christ in serving those who suffer from disease in those mission territories where the fight against disease ... More

Miraculous: Toddler survives 25 minutes underwater

I’ve come across many stories of miraculous infant survival but this one trumps the bunch: Everything aligned to protect Gore in July, creating what doctors and Gore’s parents agree is a miracle. When the towheaded rascal with a curiosity for water and a penchant for pulling doorknobs escaped his family’s vacation cabin near Gunnison and tumbled unseen into an irrigation dit... More


Pope Benedict XVI calls for worldwide prayer against abortion

The Pope wants your prayers to end abortion. Pope Benedict XVI has issued what Catholic pro-life advocates are calling “an unprecedented request” for prayers worldwide from all pro-life people against abortion. The Holy Father will begin Advent by celebrating a solemn “Vigil for all nascent human life” at St. Peter’s Basilica on Saturday, November 27. And he’s not... More


The Pope’s November Intentions

Direct from the source (well, via yours truly): Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for November is: “That victims of drugs or of other dependence may, thanks to the support of the Christian community, find in the power of our saving God strength for a radical life-change”. His mission intention is: “That the Churches of Latin America may move ahead with the continent-... More

Terrorists storm Mass in Iraq: Murder priest, kill dozens of hostages

Papists, please pray. Armed terrorist attacked a Mass being celebrated in Baghdad earlier this evening. They immediately killed the priest, and then took the congregation of roughly 100 hostage. When security forces attempted to break in, the terrorists detonated their suicide vests, killing over 50 Catholics and wounding dozens more. The descriptions of the “bloodbath” that took place... More


Hundreds gathered to pray for families in La Crosse

Hundreds of pilgrims from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan were greeted with sunny skies and beautiful fall colors at the Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe which rests among the beautiful bluffs just a few miles south of La Crosse, Wisconsin. The Shrine, just three years old, was the perfect setting for a pilgrimage of prayer for families and the unborn for Sunday. The first Sunday ... More


Prayers and thoughts for 9/11

Today is the anniversary of the September 11th attacks which resulted in the death of almost 3,000 innocent Americans. For my generation, September 11th will always have a place in our memory just as the assassination of President Kennedy left an indelible mark on my parents’ generation. September 11th, 2001 was my first day of college. A day I woke up to the reality that there are those ... More



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