Battleground State Watch: Virginia

Virginia is must-win territory for Mitt Romney in November Virginia was never considered a battleground state in presidential politics prior to 2008. Virginia was a reliable Republican bastion, even giving Bob Dole a narrow win over Bill Clinton in the latter’s 1996 re-election bid, and handing George W. Bush comfortable margins in the 8-9 point range the next two elections. But Barack Obama cha... More

Electoral College Math: Why The Election Is Romney’s To Lose

If the presidential election were held today, all the polls indicate that President Obama would win re-election, albeit not by much. But of course the election isn’t being held today and there are 11 states classified as “toss-ups” on the Electoral College Map. And even if you concede the president 221 electoral votes in the other 39, that still leaves 49 electoral votes to go. And the road ... More



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