Is The Pro-Life Movement Responsible For Unwed Motherhood?

The debate over the question of values has been a prominent part of American politics since 1968 when the rise of the left-wing counterculture began the process of smothering the authentic voice of the Democratic Party and eventually overran it. The Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 accelerated the process and another notable benchmark came in 1992 when then-Vice-President Dan Quayle criticized the TV... More

“I Heard The Heartbeat”…Beyonce Tells Of Her Lost Child

A week ago today, the pro-life marchers in Washington D.C. made a powerful statement that the cause for the protection of innocent life will always live on. Two days from now, the singer Beyonce will take the halftime stage at the Super Bowl. And the interviews she’s given over the past week have been an even more powerful statement about the humanity of the child in the womb. Beyonce lost a chi... More

Why The Abortion Industry Thinks They’re Losing

What exactly are abortion industry water-carriers after anyway? To listen to the water-carriers for the abortion industry talk, one would think the racket is in serious danger of drying up. Time Magazine’s recent cover made it out as though the forty years since Roe vs. Wade have been one long non-stop display of misery for those in the corporate world who reap the benefit of over $500 million ... More

Urgent prayers needed for the college pro-life community

Kortney and her husband Ben on their wedding day. A car accident took the life of Kortney Blythe Gordon, 28, and her pre-born daughter Sophy, Saturday night following a Students for Life conference in Macon, Georgia. Jon Scharfenberger, another staffer for SFLA, was in the car and currently is in critical condition. Two other individuals were also in the car and were injured, but their injuries ar... More

Why the “Free Father Frank” Movement is Misplaced and Counter-Productive

Yes, someone actually did this. As I feared, the Father Frank Pavone situation is getting worse. A dispute that should be worked out through the normal canonical channels is needlessly spilling into the public debate. And this effort by third parties to gin up public support for Fr. Frank is misplaced. My father describes the histrionic antics of one group “The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform&... More



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