Is The Pro-Life Movement Responsible For Unwed Motherhood?

The debate over the question of values has been a prominent part of American politics since 1968 when the rise of the left-wing counterculture began the process of smothering the authentic voice of the Democratic Party and eventually overran it. The Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 accelerated the process and another notable benchmark came in 1992 when then-Vice-President Dan Quayle criticized the TV... More

Why The Abortion Industry Thinks They’re Losing

What exactly are abortion industry water-carriers after anyway? To listen to the water-carriers for the abortion industry talk, one would think the racket is in serious danger of drying up. Time Magazine’s recent cover made it out as though the forty years since Roe vs. Wade have been one long non-stop display of misery for those in the corporate world who reap the benefit of over $500 million ... More

The Myth Of The Single-Issue Catholic Voter

With the political Left’s abortion extremism be given prominent display in Charlotte this past week, it’s time for another round of the annual debate that goes back and forth among Catholics. Some of us decline to vote for a candidate who won’t grant legal protection for the unborn. Others agree—or at least claim to agree—on the policy goal—but move into a condescending lecture about t... More

Why Catholics Shouldn’t Give Up The Fight For The Democratic Party

The political heritage bequeathed by Catholic Democrats like Al Smith is one that can still be rescued and built on. I disagree with the post written earlier this week by fellow CV blogger Brad Bilzer, who advocated that no Christian should support the Democratic Party.  The article took a different tack than I expected after reading the headline—rather than focus on the modern Left’s du... More

A Real Democrat From South Boston: Social Traditionalism & Economic Populism

When you associate in socially traditional Catholic circles it’s hard to find anyone who will say anything nice about Massachusetts politics, or more broadly of the Democratic Party that mostly owns national elections in the Bay State. While Massachusetts’ people may elect a Republican to statewide office—as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney proves—it rarely goes ... More



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