When is Prudence Prudence?

A bit ago I wrote about prudential decisions and the economy. In that case, many laity and several bishops were complaining about the prudential application of principles to the Ryan budget by Bishop Stephen Blaire. Bishop Blaire laid out some great principles but then seemed to close off any possible discussion between Catholics of good will who came to opposing conclusions about the budget. But,... More

In Wisconsin, a preview of moral battles to come, and why we need all hands on deck

I don’t want this post to get us distracted from the important debates and votes happening in DC today, which aim to defund Planned Parenthood and walk back a host of other threats to the unborn and our national fiscal solvency. So if you promise to continue keeping the positive pressure on our elected officials here in DC, I will feel free to take a few moments to talk about the important d... More

FOX Sports turns down adultery ad

Via TheRedZone.org. Kudos to FOX Sports for refusing to air an advertisement during the Super Bowl for an online dating service that specializes in setting up adulterous relationships.* (They also turned down an ad that would have promoted John 3:!6, but I can accept that.) The annual GoDaddy.com lust for Danica Patrick ads are quite enough. _____ *of course I’m not going to name them or lin... More



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