Which Republican Senator Got a Standing Ovation at UC Berkeley?

After the last presidential election — one which shouldn’t have seen an incumbent Barack Obama win so handily — the search has been on for the soul of the GOP. As immigration continues to shift the demographics of the vote and the country moves left on social issues, finding a candidate who represents traditional American values but can bridge the gap and reach young voters has ... More


A conservative for liberty — imagine that

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah There were many Republicans and conservatives intrigued by the candidacy of Ron Paul in 2012. His son, Senator Rand Paul, is almost a lock to run for president in 2016. (Without kicking up dust, even though I like him in the Senate, Rand would not be my first choice.) While I am not a libertarian, there are two areas in which libertarian Republicans could move the GOP in a ma... More

Newsflash to liberal writers: Libertarians can be pro-life

Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY Ben Adler just lost his respect for Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY. Paul is a Tea Party favorite who wants to drastically reduce the size of the government to only those functions explicitly detailed in the Constitution. Sen. Paul is the son of Rep. Ron Paul and both are known for being libertarians. Adler noted that Sen. Rand Paul introduced the Life at Conception Act, which would decl... More



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