TBTR: Cake Edition

Remember when I wrote back in December that some gay activists were upset that Dr. Jenny Morse of the Ruth Institute decided to wear a rainbow scarf? I suggested that we should take back the rainbow (“TBTR”), and made the point that to many the rainbow symbolizes peace. I also suggested that the disagreements between gay activists and Christians could be more peaceful in 2011. AmP rea... More


Meet the National Zoo’s newest lion cub … Aslan!

How fun is this?! From local DC blog DCist: Time to get jealous, people: Georgie Henley and Skandar Keynes, who I’m informed are actors in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series of films, not only got to hang out with the National Zoo’s lion cubs — but they also got to name one of them. One of the 10-week old cubs will now be dubbed Aslan, after the eponymous lion in C.S.... More

Funny “Otherworldly” Spam

And now for something completely random. One of the monotonous tasks of running a heavily-visited blog is moderating comments. I and the CV team have had to moderate almost 30,000 comments since the new site launched early this year. Some of these are randomly-generated spam comments, and most of these spam comments range from annoying to really annoying. Comment #28,074 at least made me smile b... More


Priceless! Elections turn NARAL President from happy :) face –> sad :( face

I about lost it when a friend pointed this out to me. On Monday, the day before Tuesday’s elections, NARAL Pro-Choice America President Nancy Keenan signed her letter to supporters (encouraging them to support pro-abort candidates) with this picture of her beaming smile: Today, after the crushing defeats suffered by pro-abortion candidates at the polls yesterday, Keenan sent out another let... More

Update: Video of Mock “Popemobile” at Episcopalian Halloween service *removed*

UPDATE: Wow! That didn’t take long. This YouTube video which shows the female pastor mocking the papal popemobile, has already been taken down by the user: I guess someone at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco didn’t want proof of this anti-Catholic stunt going viral on the internet. ORIGINAL post: I realize AmP blogging has been heavily political of late. To change th... More

CyberFAIL: Vatican’s new office for internet evangelization … is without a computer

Yikes! Someone send Abp. Fisichella a gift certificate! The head of the new pontifical council charged with evangelising cyberspace has said that his new office does not have an internet connection. Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for Promotion of the New Evangelisation, made the startling admission at a press conference unveiling the new council. A Motu Proprio... More

Charming moment + photo: Pope Benedict gives sniffer dog a pat of thanks

I can’t help it. Amid all the heavy topics we tackle daily on AmP, it was nice to read something totally different: The UK Catholic Herald: Pope Benedict XVI yesterday stopped to give a police dog an unexpected pat while thanking some of the 2,000 members of the West Midlands Police who had helped to protect him during his visit. After meeting the seminarians of England, Wales and Scotland... More



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