Les Misérables is stunning.

I have seen Les Misérables on the stage twice. I have a healthy portion of it committed to memory from listening to the score many times. The story is that of human life, struggle, and true, pure, self-sacrificing love. The songs, while musically simple, capture the emotions and themes wonderfully. This film was a rebirth of Les Misérables. An entirely new take on the same material I am so famil... More

On Chocolate Hearts & Charlie Sheen

My friend Fr. Raymond de Souza in Toronto writes in the National Post there: I rather doubt Pope Benedict XVI follows [Charlie] Sheen, but the actor may recognize himself in what Benedict had to say in his latest book, Light of the World. Commenting on the terrible scourge of drugs and the sex trade, he said: “You see, man strives for eternal joy; he would like pleasure in the extreme, would lik... More

Mark Wahlberg: Daily Communicant.

Whod’a thunk it? Just shows to go ya the impact of a good parish priest… A piece on this past Sunday’s 60 Minutes covered Mark Wahlberg, street thug turned successful Hollywood actor and executive producer. The piece was prompted by Mark’s 4-year struggle to produce his latest film, The Fighter, about boxer Mickey Ward. He produced and acts in the film in the main role, san... More



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