Antonio Martinez becomes Muhammad Hussain, then tries to blow up military recruiting station.

I wasn’t going to post anything until details were released, but it’s not like it was a stretch to presume this would be the case. An American, Antonio Martinez, a recent convert to Islam who now goes by Muhammed Hussain, tried to blow up a military recruiting center in the Baltimore area. The only reason he didn’t succeed is because the people who supplied the “bomb”... More

BREAKING: Smithsonian Shows Depiction of Mohammed Being Eaten By Ants. “Muslim World” Erupts.

Now that I’ve got your attention, can. you. imagine. the reaction if that headline were accurate? Nuns running AIDS hospices in Africa would become targets. Fatwas and strongly worded condemnations would stream from every corner. Hearings would be had. Greta would be on the tube 24/7 trying to get to the bottom of it. Mr. Smithson would be Olbermann’s Worst Person Ever, posthumously. T... More



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