So the GOP is about to nominate a Mormon or a Catholic.

… And no one is bleating anti-their-religion mantras against them with any credibility. Am I the only one who finds this pleasantly weird? K-Lo noted Rick Perry’s repeated references to Rick Santorum’s Catholicism down in South Carolina, perhaps because Perry was getting more support among Evangelical Protestants than was Perry, who is an Evangelical Protestant. Perhaps Perry was... More

Reader: Majority of Democrat voters rarely or never go to church, DC Circuit rules for Obamacare, Election Day 2011

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. New Gallup poll claims that a majority of Democratic voters (52%) rarely or never attend church. Election Day today: Personhood Amendment in MS, Public employee reform plan in OH, Guv race in KY, GOP hopes to win State Senate in VA, Controversial anti-immigration candidate up for recall in... More

New York Times editor calls Santorum an evangelical

Bill Keller is the Executive Editor of the very proud New York Times. One has to be pretty sharp to climb up the journalistic ladder to land such a perch. Or not. Keller wrote: We have an unusually large number of candidates, including putative front-runners, who belong to churches that are mysterious or suspect to many Americans. Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are Mormons, a faith that many conser... More


Religion as a ‘Safe Harbor’

I recently spent a few days at an Alliance Defense Fund conference. Largely evangelical, there was a lot of God talk. What struck me during one of their morning worship services — which sounded a little like a Rick Perry prayer rally — was: These people are really trying to make sure their daily life reflects who they say they are. Pia, I found that Meet the Press segment alarming, too... More



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