Mitt Romney stresses importance of religious liberty in his EWTN interview

Raymond Arroyo interviewed Mitt Romney on the World Over last night. And he made it clear that a Romney administration would be supportive of religious liberty. Here’s an excerpt: Raymond Arroyo: The Catholic community in this country and people across the faith spectrum were outraged by President Obama’s HHS Mandate – requiring abortifacients and contraceptives to be made available to ... More

Why the HHS Ruling Will Become a Litmus Test for Pro-Obama Catholics

I wrote on the day of the Obama ruling forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs that I hope “liberal Catholics [will] acknowledge how foolish they have been to support Obama’s anti-Catholic policies.” That was probably too much to ask for, but now at least one liberal Catholic has said he cannot vote for Obama again: Michael S... More



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