Republican Establishment Trys To Devour Its Own

Well, the higher-ups in the Republican Party are doing some soul-searching and trying to figure out why they lost the presidential election and lost seats in the Senate, even as they expanded retained their House majority. According to Scott Rasmussen, the GOP Establishment has figured out what the problem is—it’s their own voters. “A primary problem” is the term that’s used, and it’s ... More

Video: Rick Santorum’s Beautiful Answer to a Tough Abortion Question in Last Night’s GOP Debate

Last night candidates for the Republican presidential nomination squared-off in Iowa. Watch former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum’s answer to a tough question on abortion in cases of rape … and listen to the positive reaction from the audience to his comments: Here’s a transcript I jotted down: Question: You would allow no exceptions for cases of rape and incest. Polls have ... More

Abortion as a primary concern

Joe Manchin won't be the 2016 Democratic nominee I’ve enjoyed Mark and Joseph discuss the perplexing question of why Democrats continue to support unrestricted abortion for all nine months even though it’s pretty clear that it’s an electoral liability (at least at the presidential level). To blunt criticism of their abortion stance, John Kerry mentioned that he was an altar b... More

John Cornyn thinks ‘social issues’ are the problem

Senator John Cornyn is a Republican from Texas and head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. He has supported a string of candidates he considered ‘more electable’ like Charlie Crist in Florida and Jane Norton in Colorado that couldn’t win their party’s primary. Crist, in fact, left the GOP. So now Cornyn wants to make peace with the Tea Party. That’s fine... More

My article in The Hill: The GOP is abandoning the fight for family values

Here’s something that that is sure to grab the attention of a number of AmP readers: me criticizing Republicans. Or to be more precise, me criticizing the leadership of the Republican Party which is widely-expected to leave social issues entirely off their to-be-released-next-week policy agenda. I’m published today on the subject in The Hill’s Congress Blog. Here’s an excer... More



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