I’m Blogging/Tweeting from South Carolina, Including the CNN Debate!

I’m in Charleston, South Carolina today and will be attending the CNN Presidential debate this evening at 8PM ET. Stay tuned here for my comments and follow my live updates via Twitter at: twitter.com/AmericanPapist. PS – recent blogging has been somewhat in suspension since Christmas break because I came back to a very heavy work load which is now mostly under control again. Thank you... More

re: Why Gardasil doesn’t bother me for Perry

Tom, the day after Rick Perry jumped in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, I thought he might be clear of the issue – he called it a “mistake.” (I said so on NRO and in a National Catholic Register piece.) But the more I hear Governor Perry talk about the issue, the more he gives me pause. I get hating cancer, which the governor says was his motivation. I don’t get an e... More



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