Video: New DNC Head Picked by Obama Arguing Theology With (Catholic) Paul Ryan During Obamacare Debate

This week President Obama appointed vehemently pro-abortion (and pro gay marriage) Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) to be the new head of the Democrat Party. Back in 2010 during the debate over Obamacare, Rep. Debbie (not a Catholic) attempted to tell Rep Paul Ryan (Republican, and a Catholic) how the Catholic Church works: Later, talking about the abortion “compromise”, Rep. Debbie... More

Harry Reid Says He’ll Shut Down the Government Over DC Abortions

UPDATE: Please TAKE ACTION and tell your Senator: No Tax $ for DC abortions! I wrote earlier this week that “taxpayer funding of abortion is a sacred cow for the liberal left” and referred in that post to President Obama. It ruffled some feathers. Today, with a government shutdown looming, Harry Reid -the leader of the Senate- once again confirms his fundamental commitment to this libe... More

House Pro-Abort Dems In Shambles? And how we can continue the disintegration…

A curious thing happened last night on the way to the U.S. House of Representatives Chamber: Democrats forgot their notes. Steven Ertelt has a lengthy report detailing the strange behavior exhibited by pro-abort Democrats, who were expected to press for amendments to overturn pro-life budget provisions (introduced by pro-life Republicans) during last night’s debate on the Continuing Resoluti... More

Pro-lifers gain 52 Seats in House, 7 in Senate, 7 Governors & State Houses

In the House of Representatives, some major gains: 52 Pro-life Improvements Including 38 pro-life Members-elect replacing Members who voted consistently or mostly pro-abortion and 14 pro-life Members-elect replacing Members with a mixed pro-life voting record. 6 Mixed or Unknown Too little information is available to make a judgment about these Members-elect, but they are all replacing pro-abortio... More


My article in The Hill: The GOP is abandoning the fight for family values

Here’s something that that is sure to grab the attention of a number of AmP readers: me criticizing Republicans. Or to be more precise, me criticizing the leadership of the Republican Party which is widely-expected to leave social issues entirely off their to-be-released-next-week policy agenda. I’m published today on the subject in The Hill’s Congress Blog. Here’s an excer... More



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