People of Life

I’m just getting to read Teresa Tomeo’s new book, Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed by Christ, Not Conformed to the Culture. At the very beginning of it, she quotes the current archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles J. Chaput: We need to really believe what we say we believe. Then we need to prove it by the witness of our lives. We need to be so convinced of the truths of the Creed that we are ... More

Thank You, Sarah Palin

Apart from opinions about whether or not she should have thrown her hat into the Republican presidential-primary ring, I firmly believe that Sarah Palin has been a gift to American culture. People criticize her (and then some) and the prominence of her family, but I’m grateful we’ve met Trig Palin. I’m grateful that his mother helped shatter the mainstream media myth that a woman in politic... More

A Proactive Pro-Life Path

Earlier today, I found myself on the website of the Center for Reproductive Rights. On it, there is an a section dedicated to Roe v. Wade on its 38th anniversary. Melissa Harris-Perry, a Princeton professor I recognize from too much MSNBC viewing (she is a frequent guest and guest host on the network), has the following quote there: “Why is Roe v Wade important to me? It means that my friends, ... More

Mary, Mother of the Unborn, Pray for Us

Today marks the beginning of Respect Life Month. My homeland of Chelsea, Manhattan, has the highest abortion rate in the city of New York, where the abortion rate, as you may know by now is 41 percent. Even New Yorkers are outraged — well, when they realize. There’s a lot of education yet to be done. Also a lot of help to be given. A revolution of love to overtake a wounded nation. A quest... More



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