Hoffa, Biden follow the Obama playbook. Will he apologize?

As if on cue after saying some rather unintelligent things on Sunday, Teamsters union boss Jimmy Hoffa wasted no time saying some unkind things on Monday about political opponents and invoking some of the most martial rhetoric we’ve had in this nascent presidential campaign season. He said them from the same podium Obama spoke from 20 minutes later. I’ll not quote them—we try to ... More

Life and Nihilism: A Tableau of Recent Headlines

Let’s weave a tapestry of rather significant recent goings-on in life issues and see where it takes us… 1) An End-Run at Death Panels Loops Back. At the start of January the White House took end-of-life counseling out of new Medicare rules, after it was re-included, after it was explicitly removed from Obamacare. In and of itself end-of-life planning isn’t a bad thing, but when t... More

Shameful: why blaming politics for the Giffords shooting is indefensible, reprehensible, and dishonors the dead

I tend to be an even-tempered guy but I’m losing patience with the attempt by many folks to blame “right-wing politics and politicians” for the Tucson attack. Quite simply, I find this attempt indefensible and yes, reprehensible, because it dishonors the dead. When I heard about the news of the Tucson shooting, my first reaction was to pray for the victims. That’s still ... More




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