Michigan Republicans pass pro-life, right-to-work legislation amid violent protests

When Congressional Democrats rammed through a healthcare bill that will likely bankrupt the country, those who rallied in opposition were labeled bigoted, racist and un-patriotic. When Republican legislators voted to make Michigan the 24th right-to-work state in the nation, they were accused of being enemies of democracy. Coincidence? Hardly. It’s all part of a plan to paint proponents of limite... More

Anti-choicers get violent. Pro-lifers, annually, don’t.

This gentleman is expressing his displeasure with Steven Crowder's opinions. A group of anti-choice thugs got violent in Michigan today when the state government passed legislation that would give people the ability to choose. The choice, of course, is whether to join a workplace union or not. Michigan passed a Right to Work statute, and it awaits Governor Snyder’s signature, which will ... More



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