The Feast of St. Joseph: A Family Tale

My ancestry is quite fascinating, if I do write/say so myself! My father’s side (the Birzers) came from eastern Bavaria (from several small villages near the Czech border) in 1888, immigrating straight to central Kansas, founding several communities just to the east and north of Great Bend, Kansas.  My favorite town in that area is Odin, named after the Norse All-father.  The head parish pries... More

Neither Left nor Right, Greek nor Jew, Male Nor Female

A Jesuit mission, northern Michigan. We’ve all been bombarded with information, notions, guesses, photos, hopes, and fears about the new pope over the last forty-eight hours.  Indeed, 50 hours ago (at least at the time of this writing), hardly anyone in the United States or in most parts of the world knew anything about the man who was to become Pope Francis.  Some of the responses–at le... More



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