Reining In “You Didn’t Build That” Rhetoric

The Republican Convention was wrapped up and a few themes were hit repeatedly—that while President Obama inherited a difficult situation he made it worse, then he’s better at talking than at doing and that he is in the throes of an ideology that has failed everywhere it’s been tried. Agree or disagree with that assessment, it’s certainly fair fodder for debate these next two months. But th... More

Obama Chooses Extreme Environmentalism Over Workers

Mitt Romney campaigned in Ohio today and launched an attack on President Obama’s coal policies, telling the audience that the president is waging a “war on coal.” The extreme left-wing environmental agenda is an obvious wedge in the Obama coalition and the president is on the wrong side. The left wing has chosen privileged environmental protestors over working-class jobs in the coal industry... More

Why Romney Should Not Waste Time In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has gone Democratic each year since 1988. But because the margins are usually competitive—George W. Bush came within two points of taking the state in 2004 and was within five points four years earlier. The competitiveness of the state usually earns it “battleground” status and a report from Scott Conroy at RealClearPolitics indicates that Mitt Romney believes he has a real shot... More



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