Get your “I Support Religious Freedom” bumper sticker!

This election is about religious freedom. That’s why we MUST do everything we can to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. A CV subscriber helped design this fantastic new bumper sticker for everyone to use. We have loads of them ready to go out to anyone that can make a contribution of $5 or more right now! Get yours today. Donate $5 or more now! If you can donate more than $5, you can ... More


Catholics for Romney-Ryan!

Mitt Romney made his choice. Today we are making ours. is proud to announce that we are enthusiastically endorsing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the 2012 presidential race! The decision to endorse Romney for President was made after Governor Romney announced Saturday that he had selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Congressman Ryan is a superb choice. He i... More

Paul Ryan Is A Good VP Choice…But Not The Best

The choice is in—Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his second-in-command as of late last night. Is this the right move? I like Ryan, and certainly don’t think it’s a bad pick, but I wonder if it’s really the best option Romney had at his disposal. Paul Ryan is now the man of the hour on the Republican ticket Ryan has built a nationa... More

5 Reasons why choosing Paul Ryan was a great decision

Minutes ago in Norfolk, Virginia, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan was introduced as Mitt Romney’s running mate. It turns out all that talk about Romney being risk averse was a bigger head fake that those bogus rumors of considering Condi Rice. There are five reasons why Mitt Romney’s bold pick of Paul Ryan is great for America. 1. Picking a Catholic running mate means that the Vice Presidenti... More




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