Ann Coulter and the GOP’s Abortion Problem

In her election-week column, conservative polemicist Ann Coulter gushed about what she viewed as Romney’s superlative candidacy, and the tragedy of his defeat: Romney was the perfect candidate, and he was the president this country needed right now. It’s less disheartening that a president who wrecked American health care, quadrupled gas prices, added $6 trillion to the national de... More


C-FAM President: Romney Needs “Serious Drilling in Pro-Life Language”

Every pro-life voter knows that Mitt Romney has a troubling record on abortion. Those of us who have chosen to support him hope that the change of heart he describes on this issue is real, and that it will translate to words and actions that will assist our cause. But he has miles to go, as some of his some of his recent comments (and subsequent clarifications) have indicated. At Crisis this morn... More


Why This Third Party Voter is Voting for Romney, And You Should Too

I’ve made no secret of not being a Romney fan. Or, for that matter, a fan of establishment voting. I didn’t vote for McCain in 2008 and instead chose the third party option, and I had no trouble explaining why. And earlier this year I wrote: Be careful who you vote for. Make sure that it’s someone whose policies you really support, instead of just the guy you think has the best chan... More

“If you’ve got a Church, you didn’t build that.”

Last night at the Al Smith dinner, Mitt Romney showed a keen sense of humor with an edge. As he roasted President Obama, he got in some classic digs that were as much true as they were funny. I was actually hoping the president would bring Joe Biden along this evening, because he’ll laugh at anything. Among the zingers, he delighted the largely Catholic audience with a reference to St. Peter... More


Lobbyists? What Lobbyists?!?

Politico‘s Anna Palmer had a piece yesterday entitled “Lobbyists ready for a comeback under Romney“. Palmer’s assertion, of course, is that this would be a change in direction for the pure, lobbyist-free White House of the Obama Administration. Except that it wouldn’t be. Fortunately for those who enjoy actual facts in their media, Tim Carney at the Washington Examin... More


Political Wish List: Ken Cuccinelli for U.S. Attorney General

I know it probably won’t happen, and nobody is even talking about it. But if Romney does win, I’d love to see him pick Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to be U.S. Attorney General. By all accounts, Cuccinelli is putting things in place to be the next governor of Virginia, which would be great for me since I live here, but I’m willing to share him. That’s just the ki... More

The Problem With Abortion Politics: Round Two

Thomas Peters takes issue with my arguments against abortion politics. But I’m afraid he’s missing my point. Several of them, actually. Thomas says that today’s SCOTUS ruling on American Tradition Partnership, Inc. v. Bullock not only demonstrates the split of the Court on First Amendment rights, but also: illuminates one of the critical flaws in Steve Skojec’s thesis about ab... More

4 Media Myths: Thoughts They Want You to Have About the Candidates

As Mitt Romney and Barack Obama square off in this year’s presidential race, it will be helpful to catalog a few of the ways reporters are trying to train us to think of the two candidates, for those who prefer to think independently. Last election cycle, broadcast TV news reports were twice as favorable to Obama, according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University. T... More




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