The Beginner’s Guide to Big Big Train

As I type this, I do so from Delta Flight 1094, just having departed Detroit, en route to the Pacific Northwest for a week of lecturing for the college.  Somewhat brilliantly, at the other end of this flight, I get to enjoy lunch with my brother, Todd (organic farmer extraordinaire and all around brilliant guy), in Portland.  He emailed me that we should have Swedish food at Ikea.  Either Ikea ... More

What a Rush: the USCCB and Neil Peart!

A break from the voting part of Catholic Vote for a moment. . . . I participated in a wonderful conference this past week.  Sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education (Larry Reed, the anti communist Indiana Jones of the 1980s, is the president; Carl Oberg is his vice president), a number of faculty explored the history of the notion and manifestations of liberty.  The facilities were exc... More



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