400 condoms for 400 crosses.

I hope they don't have a sign with the converse of this in the beer and wine section. Bad: An art student at Western Kentucky University got credit in her art class for putting condoms on 400 crosses. Even worse: The crosses were put in place as a pro-life demonstration. I do have one big takeaway from this, but I’m gonna make you wait for that one. Slight back-story: The pro-life studen... More

“Sandra Fluke is a tool” of the misogynist Left.

I had started a post on the ridiculousness of the manufactured controversy over Sandra Fluke’s testimony, and the ensuing use by Rush Limbaugh of an anagram of “lust” on the air, the other day. But Lori Ziganto, who has, as she calls them, “a fancy womb” and “brass ovaries,” pretty much did the job a thousand times better than I could have. Just one of her... More



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