No, these are not “our kids,” they are their parents’ kids to protect and raise.

During his gun control press conference today President Obama referenced a few young children who were in the room who had written letters to him concerning violence with guns. After reading excerpts from their letters and getting them to wave he said, These are our kids.  This is what they’re thinking about.  And so what we should be thinking about is our responsibility to care for them, and ... More

Mutilated world. Darkened souls. Eternal Hope.

Sometimes when I write here I am writing what my heart needs to hear. The posts take a while to develop, and I adjust them quite a bit before posting, waiting for my own heart and mind to settle on the matter and be at least somewhat comfortable with what I have struggled through and written. I have a very thick, selectively permeable, skin, but when something gets inside I feel deeply and mull it... More

What does Sandy Hook have to do with abortion?

On Friday, we were all shocked and stunned to hear of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. It was an unspeakable crime. Every time I see a headline of human tragedy, particularly involving large numbers of innocent people, I can’t help putting it in the context of abortion. There’s a noon Mass that I sometimes frequent and one of the attendees, when asked to share additional prayers f... More




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