Ohio Needs SB 5. Support Issue 2.

Preface: Fiscal responsibility and sensible sharing of public costs are values eminently within Catholic social justice. So what I write here is entirely appropriate for a Catholic political site. –Tom Crowe Ohioans are on the verge of a momentous vote. Issue 2 on tomorrow’s ballot is a referendum on Senate Bill 5. A Yes vote upholds the law; a no sends officials back to the drawing b... More

Ohio Senate Marries Anti-“Union” Actions

The Ohio Senate recently passed Senate Bill 5. For the most part, SB 5 is similar to the law that has prompted such craziness in Wisconsin. It will severely curtail the ability of *public sector* unions to collectively bargain (note: it does not in any way affect *private sector* unions). But it turns out that the legislature also included some language to protect the institution of marriage. Libe... More



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