The Political Left Stumbles In Massachusetts

It was January 2010 when the state of Massachusetts stunned the American body politic by choosing Republican Scott Brown in a special Senate election to fill the seat of the late Teddy Kennedy. Democrats assumed—probably not unreasonably—that it was a fluke and they would reclaim the seat without a problem. They may reclaim the seat, but as Monica Potts, writing in the liberal American Prospec... More

I wonder which Santorum child Senator Brown thinks shouldn’t be with us?

Senator Scott Brown, elected solely because of a national effort to stick a thumb in the eye of the liberal old-guard and not because he is anything resembling conservative, demonstrated a reason why he would not have been elected with so much conservative and Catholic support otherwise. At the South Boston annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast Brown quipped that Santorum’s Secret Service... More


Sen. Scott Brown will support tax money for Planned Parenthood

Sen. Scott Brown, R-MA, is one of the only Senate Republicans who favor legal abortion. So today’s news that he will vote to keep tax money for Planned Parenthood is not shocking, but it is still disappointing. Catholics, especially in Massachusetts, can let their voices be heard by calling Senator Brown’s office at (202) 224-4543. Here’s the statement that Senator Brown issued t... More

Does the right's support of Brown mean an end to the "non-negotiable" framework of voting?

Brown won and now everyone gives their opinion on what this means. Usually their opinion can be summarized as “See! I was right all along! Victory shall soon be mine!…er, ours!” How to interpret events is a tricky business, especially when they’re so unexpected. I was very surprised to see my facebook page light up with many congratulations and celebrations from pro-lifers,... More

Pragmatically Pro-Life

Last night’s victory by Senator-elect Scott Brown (R) of Massachusetts showed the pragmatism of the pro-life movement. It is well known that Senator-elect Brown is not pro-life. However, he does at least support a ban on taxpayer funded abortions. In this case, the pro-life movement has backed the lesser of two evils. They have elected a man who has the ability to block a vote on a health ca... More



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