Obama pulls out the “But I’ve got friends who are Catholic” defense

It’s a variation of the “I’m not racist, I’ve got black friends” line. You know: it’s supposed to be some sort of “amulet against potentially career-destroying accusations of prejudice,” or something. And it has been totally Derbyshired (or “Derbed” for short). Anyhow, that’s essentially what the President has been saying lately. Se... More

Y-town Bishop Murry, SJ, dis-invites abortion-supporting State Rep. Hagan

Ohio State Representative Robert Hagan* of my home town, Youngstown, received a phone call from the Mercy School of Nursing** letting him know that George Murry, SJ, bishop of Youngstown, had requested that they rescind the invitation to have him speak at their commencement tomorrow. Hagan, who is Catholic, put this statement on his Facebook page: Ohio State Rep. Bob Hagan D-YoungstownI have fough... More



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