Bishops Raise Alarm: Catholic Freedoms Under Attack

Bishops are calling attention to new "Catholics Need Not Apply" signs. The Church is raising the alarm: Our religious liberty is under attack. Cardinal Francis George was prophetic in 2009 when he said the White House had taken “the first step in moving our country from democracy to despotism.” That was when President Obama broke the promise he made to Catholics at Notre Dame and mad... More

Let Us Subsidize Sexual Abstinence

The government ought to subsidize abstinence, or at least force health insurers to do so. The mandate from HHS tells us that contraceptives and sterilization procedures qualify as “preventive medicine” that must be covered by all health insurance plans. Thus we can deduce that pregnancy is a disease which the state has a vested interest in preventing. If this is true, there is no surer... More

The lie of “personally opposed, but…” laid bare. [With update]

Partitioned Catholyc Conscience Caucus member Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services. She who is telling Catholic healthcare providers that they also must be "personally opposed, but..." I mused on Twitter the other day when the new rules came out from the unelected bureaucrats that will require all health plans to cover contraception, sterilization, and even abortofac... More



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