Ordination: Hope for the future of the Church.

It's a target. The Roman collar proclaims to the world, "JESUS IS LORD. And I will live and die by that credo." I can’t think of any occurrences that signal hope for the future of the Church like the ordination of new priests. Baptisms are necessary, of course, but baptisms are so frequently simply cultural events, “the thing to do,” or just to keep the peace with g... More

Perhaps NPR Can Profile the Josephinum Next Time?

For an early Father’s Day, I talk a little about the need for and gift of spiritual fathers — with the help of Anthony Weiner (!) and the good men of the Josephinum, the pontifical seminar immersed in the New Evangelization, in Ohio. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to highlight other bright lights in our culture and in our Church. ...READ MORE... More



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