Reader: Romney pins hopes on IA Catholics, Santorum talks about working class, Perry says no abortion in case of rape

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Romney is campaigning now in eastern Iowa, where he did well in 2008. Noteworthy: Romney did well in an area dominated by Catholics. (Dubuque is 75% Catholic). Just look at the map from 2008. Rich Lowry says Santorum’s focus on families and the working class sets h... More

Reader: Whistleblower says TX Planned Parenthood involved in fraud, Decline of civility in South, Obama’s reelect odds slide

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. New York Times blogger and number-cruncher Nate Silver, who is a liberal respected on both sides of the aisle for his election projections, says that “Obama has gone from a modest favorite to win re-election to, probably, a slight underdog.” Canon lawyer Ed Peters has some comments on... More

Reader: British monarch soon able to marry a Catholic, Pro-life group starts work after tragedy, Earth at 7 billion

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Two major changes are coming to the British throne. The one getting the most attention is that sons and daughters of British monarchs will have an equal right to the throne. If approved, a first-born girl would now precedence over a younger brother. The other change would repeal the Act of Settlement of 1701... More

Reader: Country star joins group founded by Terri Schiavo’s family, Ridge backs Huntsman, Reagan for Senate?

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Kudos to country music star (and recent Catholic convert) Collin Raye, who agreed to be the new spokesman of the Life and Hope Network, founded by the family of Terri Schiavo. “What the Life and Hope network does is provide an already pretty impressive network list of attorneys and doctors that are avai... More

Will Tom Perriello run for Jim Webb’s Senate seat in Virginia?

Senate Republicans got some great news, according to Washington Post political blogger Chris Cillizza: Virginia Sen. Jim Webb‘s decision not to seek re-election creates an open seat in traditionally Republican territory that could further tilt the map in the GOP’s favor as they aim to win back the Senate in 2012. Right now, it is expected that Republicans will nominate former Senat... More

Another Dakota shocker: Sen. Kent Conrad, D-ND, won’t run for reelection

The Senate races for 2012 are already beginning in earnest and it looks like the Republicans have a great opportunity to pick up another seat in North Dakota. (Though it won’t be an easy lay up like in 2010.) Sen. Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat, announced that he will not run for reelection in 2012. Conrad has continually voted against pro-life legislation. He opposed the Mexico City P... More

Federal court decision on health care is a big win for Ken Cuccinelli

Today a federal court in Richmond struck down the federal mandate to purchase private insurance as unconstitutional. The mandate is a central feature of President Obama’s health care law. From the ruling: “An individual’s personal decision to purchase — or decline purchase — (of) health insurance from a private provider is beyond the historical reach” of the U... More


Speculation continues that Sen. Jim Webb might retire in 2012

Sen. Jim Webb, D-VA Jim Webb was the darling of the Democratic Party in 2006. Which is ironic since he had once served as a Republican in President Ronald Reagan’s administration. But fed up with the Iraqi War, Jim Webb joined the Democratic Party and was elected a Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia. But I’ve heard chatter from many reporters that Webb might not run for re-elect... More


Senate Dems try to coax Olympia Snowe to switch parties

Olympia Snowe is one of the most liberal Republicans in the U.S. Senate. But if Harry Reid is lucky, she might just cross the aisle and become a Democrat. National Journal passes along the scuttlebutt: “We hear that Dems are making new overtures to Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine to switch teams. They’ve tried before, but Snowe’s 2012 primary prospects make taking another ... More


GOP trying to court Senator-elect Joe Manchin to switch parties

Will he stay or will he go? Most of the newly-elected Senators will be sworn in with the start of the 112th Congress on Jan. 3. But those elected to fill a Senate vacancy are sworn in immediately, including West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin, who won election on Tuesday to replace Senator Robert Byrd who died this summer. Manchin will be sworn in on Monday. And Republicans aren’t wasting any... More




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