Sen. Harkin: A “misallocation of wealth” is the problem. Like having too many greyhounds.

Hal Roach the Irish comedian would tell a joke that went like this (read it in your best Irish brogue): Father Murphy was in rare form in the pulpit on Sunday, exhorting his parishoners to be more generous. “If ye have an excess, share with those who have naught,” he said. “It is the Christian thing to do.” To make an example of one of the exemplary local farmers he asked O... More

Reader: An Obama Catholic quits House, No ‘Faithful Citizenship’ update, Majority think Obama loses in ’12

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. An Obama Catholic calls it quits. Rep. Jerry Costello, a Catholic Democrat representing the 12th District of Illinois (Belleville/suburbs of Saint Louis), will not be running for reelection in 2012. Costello votes pro-life about 65% of the time, but he also supported Obamacare. Costello al... More

Filibuster debate reveals abortion votes in the Senate to be on a knife’s edge (and what you can do to help tip the balance)

Last November, Americans – including a disproportionate number of Catholics – united to elect one of the most pro-life House of Representatives since Roe v. Wade, arguably the most pro-life House in a generation. In the U.S. Senate, things did not fair as well, partly because only a third of Senators come up for election every two years, but the entire House of Representatives is re... More



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