Not Quite the Woodstock Defense. More Like a Confession.

I find myself frustrated by the press coverage of the John Jay report on the Church scandals even before the report itself is released later today. The New York Times write-up characterizes it of the “blame Woodstock” school. Understanding that the scandals festered in a sexually permissive relativistic culture isn’t assigning blame, it’s getting at facts and admitting we have a problem w... More

re: Catholic Institutions Need More Vince Lombardi’s

Mark, the documentary about St. Anthony’s, The Street Stops Here is powerful. And it underscores a point our culture can forget: Men are powerful influences on one another. Men are powerful influences on boys, giving them the example they need to be men, to know what a man is. Relatedly: We need men — to be confident in their masculinity. (And we need women to be confident in the comp... More



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