Shock report: Obama goes to church!

This weekend President Obama, in a rare move, went to church (video). Politico’s Ben Smith notes this is only the third time he has done so since taking office 20 months ago, opting instead to hit the golf course or gym on most Sundays: “Although he said he regularly reads the Bible and prays, the president has maintained he doesn’t want to ostentatiously fake a devotion to organized... More

Revealed: Pope Benedict’s official portrait (and why I’m not impressed)

Taylor Marshall likes it: … I don’t like it, because it doesn’t look like him. In no photo I’ve ever seen of him does he have such a pronounced jaw line, even as a young man: We live in an airbrushed culture. No one is a fan of the pope because he’s easy on the eyes. We love him because he’s a holy and upright man, a servant of Christ. But maybe this is just m... More


Schlacter on Obama's Crackberry Jesus

In keeping with my focus today on Barack Obama’s faith, I’m publishing a guest blog from my friend John “Teep” Schlachter, who is finishing his PhD in philosophy at the Catholic University of America. Teep talks about what’s in our President’s back pocket. Pardon me if you aren’t as discouraged as I am by a recent article from the UK Daily Mail: He may be too... More



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