True Confession of a Survivor of an All-Girls Dorm!

St. Thomas More Hall, an all-girls residence hall, just off the Piazza dei Santi, at FUS … No, not me. A pseudonymous graduate from Franciscan University of Steubenville noticed the law suit against Catholic University of America regarding their reversion to single-sex dorms. The suit prompted her to share her story of the impact living in an all-girls dorm had on a girl who grew up with a ... More

Bidding Farewell To Co-Ed Dorms

Kathryn Lopez has a good piece on Catholic University’s decision to return to same-sex dorms. My alma mater, Thomas Aquinas College, has single-sex dorms. I thought it was a bit retro and outdated when I first started at the college. After all, I grew up with three brothers and our house was always full of their friends. What was the big deal? Then, I visited a high school friend studying at... More



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